Hi! I am Zoe and I am 15 years old. My older sister moved away to go to university two years ago on a full ride scholarship to play Volleyball. I really miss having her around to talk to especially about the pressure I feel from so many people like my parents and my coaches including myself to always preform at my highest level.

You see, I play volleyball too. Yup, just like my big sister but the only difference is that I am not just like her even though my parents are constantly comparing me to her and want me to be as successful as her. I love the sport and I am pretty good at it but I have a ton of other interests and passions like playing other sports, music and well having free time to just hang out with my friends. In fact, I recently became interested in being a youth mentor inspiring other girls to be active and healthy but in a balanced way. Not feeding into the pressures and negative messages that surround girls whatever those might be.


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