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You ARE an Artist



So you say: “I can’t draw, I’m not good at art!”

I say: “A good drawer does not an artist make.”

I would begin the conversation by asking you what is art – really? Is it a good drawing of a bird? A painting of a person that looks like it can be a photograph? Yes, those things are art. But art is so many other things. Art, at its core, is the process of taking feelings, thoughts, and emotion out of your head and putting them out into the world. There are so many different forms of art – not just what is on paper or canvas or board. Art is also video, photography, fashion, sculpture, too many to mention.

Here are three examples of the same subject – a bird. Which one evokes more emotion for you? Which one speaks to you most? Does one have to look more accurate as a bird in order to feel that it is a bird?





Three very different representations of birds – all unique to the artist who created them. Is one ‘better’ than the other? I don’t think so. I think they are all equally representational of birds, and each is special.

Remember this as we move forward before you are critical of your own art. Each brush stroke, each time lead or ink touches paper, is YOU letting out your inner artist.

Over time, you will feel the difference inside of you at the ability to let out your inner feelings to the world – yet you are the only person who really knows what is behind the piece. It is a very powerful feeling – and very liberating.

Image Sources: Adrian Smart, Agnes Leung, Andrea Nagi, Catinka Knoth
Source: Bri Kettler, Independent Artist & Starburst Program Volunteer


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