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The Wonderful World of Candy and Sugar - Girlville

The Wonderful World of Candy and Sugar

The Wonderful World of Candy and Sugar

This post was written by Mehad as part of our Girlville Youth Blogger of the Year contest. Thanks, Mehad!

My obsession with candy has turned into an obsession with sweets over the past few months. I know have a passion for slushies, drinks, ice cream, milkshakes and candy. I love including candy in all my creations. I sometimes compare candy to people. Some are perfect for your preference and some are just a little too bitter. You sometimes need to have a balance in your life. I prefer candy more than chocolate because all chocolate is starting to taste the same to me. There is no longer diversity.

I like trying new flavors of candy and ice cream – I love mixing the two. I think guava has to be my favorite flavor. I love seeing the way candy is made all over the world. It’s just so diverse and authentic. I can watch people make candy for hours.

I love mixing different flavoured slushies. It’s so fascinating watch the colors mix; I get my inspiration from videos on YouTube. When I’m older I hope to change the industry forever by making newer, wilder flavors and creations. I just can’t wait, and I’m so motivated to make a change. I hope to own my own factory or company so that I can change the overuse of artificial sweeteners, colours, and flavours.

I just love the variety of flavours, the way the colors mix, and what you can add to it. I love everything sweet. I love making candy in my spare time. I’m even debating whether or not I should start selling candy. I know it’s a big task but I’m just so happy when I am surrounded by candy. I would love to be the next generation Willy Wonka; after all, someone has to carry on his legacy.


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