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What To Do When Your Friend Is Moving Away - Girlville

What To Do When Your Friend Is Moving Away

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I was pretty upset to find out this week that my friend Ally is moving. Her parents are originally from the east coast and came out here when Ally was a baby for work. Ally’s dad recently lost his job last year and they have decided to move back to Nova Scotia in about a month.

I’ve known Ally a long time – maybe 7 years? We’ve always had the same friends and have a lot of things we like to do together. I think she’s been to every birthday party I’ve ever had! We’ve had a lot of fun having sleepovers and other stuff like that. Because I’m an only child she’s seemed like a special sister type to me. I’m definitely going to miss her.

Ally is a little worried about moving. She’ll be going to a new school and will have to make new friends in a whole new place she’s never even seen before. She’s sad about leaving her house and friends here too. I’m trying to not show her I’m upset she’s leaving because she already has enough to think about. My mom said to try to help her see the positives –  she’ll be near her grandparents who she hardly gets to see, and she has some cousins her age there too. I kind of understand how that would be cool – my dad is from China and I have lots of relatives there I’ve never had a chance to meet in person – I sometimes wish we were closer.

I am worried we won’t get to still be friends and talk like we do now. My mom has helped me come up with a plan to hopefully help with that. Here are some of our ideas:

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Make a Scrapbook: Before Ally leaves we are going to spend a Saturday afternoon each making a scrapbook. In it we’ll put pictures from some of the adventures we’ve had (Mom is going to help me pick some out and print copies). We’ll also put in things that remind us of each other – like Ally really likes KitKat bars – I’m going to put a wrapper in my book. We’ll add other things like pictures cut out of magazines that show things we’ve done –  bike riding and stuff like that. When we are done making our books, we’ll trade them. That way we can look through them in the future and remember the good times we had.


Skype/FaceTime: Mom says with social media and apps, staying in touch is way easier than when she was a kid. Can you believe they didn’t even have smart phones back then? Anyway, Mom says as long as we are on Wi-Fi the chats will be free on a smart phone or tablet. So we are going to make a plan to talk every Saturday – it will be nice to see her face even if it’s just on a screen. She’ll be three hours ahead because they have a different time zone, but we can work around that. Mom said we can also text but we need to make sure we have the right phone plan for unlimited texts! (She says we’ll probably text a lot!)

can postLetters: We also came up with the idea of writing letters or cards, maybe one a month. I kind of thought this was an OLD way of doing things but my mom reminded me how much I like getting cards and things in the mail. It’s true – it is a nice surprise and it’s pretty cheap to do.

It won’t be the same with Ally so far away and that will be hard. I hope she makes some new friends – and I’m sure I will make new friends along the way too. I’m glad we will still be able to be friends even though we are far away, and maybe someday we can visit each other! If you have a friend who is moving away, you might want to also check out this link for tips and ideas.


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