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Super You!



Okay so you all know I love SUPERHEROS and let’s face it I wish I was a Superhero sometimes but really is that going to happen?  Well guess what I am!  Yes, that is right I am a Superhero…well not really but I know now more than ever that I am SUPER!

I recently joined this really cool girl’s group with Nova at the teen centre and last month we did this really fun activity called “SUPER YOU.”   The whole idea of the activities to remind us that we are SUPER – everything about us is special and a unique sort of power!  Each of us where asked to think about what our super hero powers are and to create a crest that represents who we are and all the “SUPER” things about ourselves.  We were given a bunch of supplies- large tags, felt pens and sparkle glue-of course!

Like I have shared before it can be really hard to ignore that negative things we think about ourselves and even ignore the things others might be saying about us.  We often get wrapped up in all that and can be really easy to loss all of our power against it.  I just loved this activity because it became a visible reminder of everything I love about myself and really gave me the power to push all that a way and be the SUPER me that I know I am.  You should try it!   What makes you SUPER?

Hints:  Being a SUPERHERO isn’t about transforming into something you aren’t and it is easy when you are not feeling so great about yourself to want to do that.  This activity is about looking inside yourself and remembering or maybe even discovering the SUPER things about you.  If you find it hard to think of things you like about yourself do this activity with a friend and ask for their help to point out your special attributes, talents and things she loves about you. You can then do the same for her.  Nova and I helped each other to get started which was a huge help.

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