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Super Smoothies - Girlville

Super Smoothies

Super Smoothies

It’s no secret I love smoothies. My dad owns the Girlville Juice Bar, so I try and go there to help him out when I can. Lately I’ve been trying out some new ideas for smoothies I’ve found online – some with fruits and some with veggies. Check them out!

berry lemon smoothieLemon Berry Smoothie:

This recipe calls for raspberries but I like to use whatever berries are most in season. I go to the Calgary Farmer’s Market a lot with my dad and in the summer they have all kinds of different berries (they also have a neat honey stand there you should check out. Honey is a great way to make your smoothies sweeter). I like that this smoothie is a bit sweet and a bit sour – it is so refreshing!

Creamsicle smoothieOrange Creamsicle smoothie

I love this one so much! It tastes just like the Popsicle but is a lot healthier! I used this recipe as a start – I sometimes use freshly squeezed orange juice but juice from a carton works too – whatever you have! It’s good as a snack or to start the day.

green smoothieGreen Smoothie

What I love about this smoothie is its pretty green colour, I wasn’t sure if vegetables would taste good mixed with fruit but they do when I use this recipe! This one is also good if you don’t eat dairy. If you want to make the smoothie a bit cooler, add a few ice cubes when you are mixing it!

Apple pie smoothieApple Pie Smoothie

I love apple pie. It reminds me of my mom as she used to bake them a lot when I was little. I saw this recipe and gave it a try – it taste just like apple pie and it is healthy (and a lot faster to make!)! My dad and I call this a dessert smoothie – it’s almost as good as having actual pie!

As you can see, yummy smoothies can be made with fruits and veggies in pretty much any combo you like and ingredients can easily be switched (honey for maple syrup, almond or coconut milk for regular milk or yogurt). Do you have a favourite smoothie you like to make? What are some of your favourite ingredients?


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