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Strong Female Characters in Books - Girlville

Strong Female Characters in Books

Strong Female Characters in Books

This post was written by Amelia, our Girlville Youth Blogger of the Year award winner. Congratulations, Amelia!

In most books I read, female characters are everywhere! Whether it is the protagonist in the book or more minor characters, there always seem to be one strong female. I find female characters in books are more complex and have more purpose compared to female characters in other media such as TV and movies.

It’s Not All Physical!

I find that when people think of strong female characters, they often think of someone like Katniss Everdeen from the The Hunger Games, who has brute strength. This isn’t the only way that female characters are tough! For example, one of my favourite characters from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is Beatrice. Beatrice is a very feisty woman who won’t get married until she finds a man that will treat her as an equal. She refuses to compromise and stands up for what she believes in. In Harry Potter, the character of Hermione Grange is another excellent example. Her intelligence and clever ideas save her friends and many others throughout the series, and without her the books wouldn’t be the same. These characters have many different ideas and views, and that’s what makes them interesting!

Books Inspire Girls!

Media is not the best place for young girls to look up to, and books can be so much more realistic. There are so many different kids of characters in books, but on TV the individuals all seem to be very similar. I love to read, and when I read a book that has a strong female character, I feel inspired; I want to go out and change the world! This certainly isn’t how i feel when watching TV or movies, and I doubt other girls my age do either. Teenage girls look to people in the media to find the role models, but these individuals are usually focused on images and vanity, rather than striving to be inspiring and encouraging girls to change the world.

Girls should be encouraged to read and be provided books that have strong female characters for them to relate to. Confidence can be an issue when you’re a teenager, and maybe find a character that girls can connect to could help build their confidence.

“I never thought it was fair that anatomy decided what my brain was fit for” – Rachel Adams in Defiance, written by C.J. Redwine


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