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Slow Food Calgary

Slow food Calgary
In a world of Big Macs and microwave dinners, it’s great to know that there’s a movement out there to reconnect us to good, fresh, healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, I love a burger as much as the next girl, but after going to an event put on by Slow Food Calgary, I started to think a bit more about what we eat. Our food choices have a big impact on our families, communities and even the world.
Slow Food Calgary is part of a worldwide Slow Food initiative. It was created to protect local food traditions and rekindle interest in the food we eat. Events here in Calgary range from food tastings to workshops with local food producers to a speaker series. They’re a foodie’s dream!
Slow Food Calgary’s events celebrate local food producers, while giving access to a world of great food that is produced in ways that protects the planet. They bring together all the links in the food chain – food growers, chefs, and eaters. It’s incredible what our local chefs can do with local food and local influences. The events also help people understand the social, environmental and cultural importance of food as well as sustainable food systems. It’s all pretty amazing!
Slow Food branches are in more than 160 countries around the world. They involve millions of people, thousands of food communities and thousands of projects. All these projects focus on GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR, quality food produced responsibly for a fair price. It’s so awesome that Calgary has a Slow Food chapter to host these cool events.
Attending a Slow Food Calgary event was a great reminder to put a little more thought in to the foods that my family and I are eating. My family is busy with sports, school, work, volunteering and everything else we do, and I’m sure yours is too. Eating sustainably can be time consuming and expensive, but if our family can make some little changes it could go a long way towards making a difference. If you help your family do the same thing we can make an even bigger impact!


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