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Show Calgary Some TLC



What are you doing to show the Earth some love today?

Now that the snow has melted, evidence of litter and waste is everywhere in our communities. Would you consider grabbing a group of friends and picking up a Litter Clean Up Kit? The Litter Cleanup Kit (TLC Kit) is designed to put simple tools into the hands of Calgarians when they are needed most and in locations where they can make the most impact. The City of Calgary Parks aims to inspire Calgarians to become stewards of their parks and natural areas by taking action to conserve and protect these places. Each kit contains all the basic necessities for individuals or groups to host their own cleanups.

Each kit contains enough for 10 participants: gloves, garbage bags, hand sanitizer and instructions for the cleanup!

Check the video below and this link for more information. This Earth Day show our Earth you care!

Image Source: sam—tan via Deviant Art
Source: City of Calgary


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