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Pom Pom Hair Clip - Girlville

Pom Pom Hair Clip


This hair clip is so simple to make and looks fabulous! Wouldn’t this be a great way to brighten a bad hair day?


for making one large pom pom
– 1/2 yard of chiffon (I used 1/4 yard of a light mint color and 1/4 yard of a jade color)
– Sharp fabric scissors
– Pinking shears, optional (only needed if you want to create the style shown in the first photo)
– Thread in the same color as the fabric
– Sharp needle
– Hot glue gun
– Small scrap of felt
– Alligator clip, or whatever type of hair clip you prefer


1. Start by cutting the chiffon into 5″ squares. This doesn’t have to be exact, I just eyed it. I used approximately 32 squares for each pom pom. If you want it to be smaller, use smaller squares and if you want to create a larger pom pom use larger pieces.

2. Take one square and fold it in half, and then into quarters, and again into eighths.

3. Use your scissors (like I did in the image above) or pinking shears to cut the edge into a rounded shape. Repeat this with all the remaining chiffon squares. If you want to make a zig-zagged edge pom pom, after you create a rounded shape with the pinking shears, use the fabric scissors to cut small slits in-between each curve to create petals (see the image below).

4. Place one of the scalloped pieces flat on your work surface, this will be the base. Fold one of the cut pieces again into eighths and attach it near the base to the flat piece using a simple straight stitch. Repeat this with the other pieces, working your way all the way around the base. Then start adding more pieces on top. The pom pom will look fuller as you add more pieces.

5. Once you are done sewing all the folded pieces on the base, cut a small circle from the felt scrap to use as a backing. Use the hot glue gun (please ask for permission and assistance from an adult when using a hot glue gun) to adhere it to the back of the pom pom. Then use a small amount of hot glue to add the alligator clip to the felt backing then you’re done.

Source: Sarah Hearts


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