Organize your Jewellery


Tired of not being able to find that perfect necklace to complete your outfit? Are you spending hours trying to untangle a massive ball of metal? Give this a try!

– Find/Purchase wooden hangers to use for jewelry organizers.

– Mark the bottom of hanger where you’d like your hooks to be placed.  I used a sharpie marker and marked about a 1″ distance on one hanger and 2″ on another.  The nice thing about this project is that you can organize your hooks however works best for your jewelry.  If it’s super bulky, you might want lots of space in between hooks.  If you have dainty jewelry, you might only want 0.5″ between hooks.

– Drill a hole in each spot that you’ve marked so that it’s easy to screw in your hooks if you have a screw driver and drill bit.  If you don’t, you can just screw in your hooks, it will just take more elbow grease.

– Arrange your jewelry on the hooks.

– Hang organized jewelry hanger in closet and enjoy!

Source: Tip Junkie



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