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Omni from the Youth Centre - Girlville

Omni from the Youth Centre

Omni and Fatima

Hi my name is Omni and I am 15 years old.

I immigrated to Canada when I was 11 from Nigeria, West Africa with my parents and my four little sisters. My Dad came 6 months before the rest of us to get everything settled. I remember really missing him and it was really scary travelling without him. I had never flown in a plane before and it was kind of scary but my mom told us everything would be okay. That experience really brought our family even closer together.

It was tough when we first came to Canada because we didn’t speak English very well and it was so cold and unfamiliar. My first day of school that year was really overwhelming but I was lucky to have met some really great friends; Paige and Blake. They both helped me find my way around and were so kind.

3 years later things are so much different. I am now the head of the schools youth council and we have started a group at school to help other immigrant youth new to the school. Last year, I meet Fatima this really cool youth worker at the Girlville Youth Centre. She is really easy to talk to and just listens and when I need help she is there to give me information and suggestions. I really look up to her and she always encourages me to be the best I can be and challenge and inspire others to be their best too.

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