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My Diverse DIYs - Girlville

My Diverse DIYs

My Diverse DIYs

This post was written by Tahreem as part of our Girlville Youth Blogger of the Year contest. Thanks, Tahreem!

I wanted to write a DIY blog post because I love to make things! I spend half my time going on YouTube looking for good DIYs and the other half doing them. Hopefully you guys will enjoy doing these projects as much as I did!

DIY Calming Jar


  • Jar
  • Glitter glue or clear glue
  • Fine glitter
  • Food colouring (optional)
  • Beads or sequins (optional)


  1. Put hot water into jar
  2. Add food colouring (optional)
  3. Add glitter, beads and/or sequins
  4. Secure lid tightly
  5. Shake and enjoy!


DIY Okra Flower Stamp


  • Okra
  • Notebook or any kind of paper to draw on
  • Paint (any kind)
  • Scissors or knife


  1. Cut open okra and dip in paint
  2. Stamp okra on paper and hold still for a few seconds
  3. Experiment, and try to make lots of fun designs!

I hope you enjoy doing these crafts! There are lots of great resources online if you’re looking to try some more DIYs. I hope I inspired some of you to be creative, original and to always try new things!


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