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Mr Steele from the parent zone - Girlville

Mr. Steele

I own the Girlville Juice Bar. I really like it when Peyton comes by to help me out at the store; it is really nice to spend time with her. I worry that she doesn’t get to have enough fun and just be a young person; since her Mom passed away she is so busy trying to take care of me and her brother and sister.

It is hard being a single Dad to a teenage daughter, I want to be able to talk to her about the tough girls stuff but the reality is that I am not sure what to say. I don’t really know that much about being a girl. I am just trying to be there for her and let her know she can come to me for anything.

The Sex Talk+

The Sex Talk

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Online Sexual Exploitation

Mr.Steele from the Juice Bar


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