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Mason Jar Meals and Snacks! - Girlville

Mason Jar Meals and Snacks!



Okay, I admit…sometimes I am lazy and just grab granola bars when my dad doesn’t have dinner ready…but then I found this great idea for pre-made mason jar meals! I have a bunch made up (my dad and I make them together on Sunday evening) for snacks, but I also take them to school sometimes (the hardest part is remembering to bring the jar home from my locker… I think there may still be one there from Monday… ANYWAY!).


There are, like, 1000 different ones to try but I have 2 favourites for each breakfast, snack, meal, and dessert. Hope you like them too!






There are literally so many kinds of parfaits you can make. My dad and I always make them for 2 breakfasts a week and try to come up with as many combinations as we can. I love strawberry and banana and he likes blueberry and pineapple the best. With honey yogurt for both of us!

Full recipe


Oven-baked omelet


Mason jar omelettes are fun because we put the eggs and ingredients we want in the mason jar and put the lid on and then we get to shake it up as hard and fast as we can to mix it all together. Then we pop it in the oven and out comes breakfast!

Full recipe




Corn Dogs

Corn dog

Corn dogs are maybe not the healthiest snack but man they sure are a yummy thing to look forward to after school before dinner. Mostly I eat these as a treat.

Full Recipe


Shrimp Feta Cobb Salad


Yummy. I love cobb salads cause it’s like a salad but with all of my favourite things and not just lettuce. I love shrimp and feta so much but I think you can use any protein/dairy. Just so delicious and healthy!

Full recipe




Pizza in a Jar

 pizza jar

I like to watch this one in the oven with the light on. It sort of looks like it’s going to explode! and I guess it does… into a delicious lunch! Who knew pizza could be so easy. I like to add mushrooms into mine – what would your favourite topping be?

Full recipe



Pumpkin Mac and Cheese


I asked my dad to go out and get little mini mason jars just for mac and cheese… cause how cute are they!? I like to bring these ones to school and warm them up in the microwave. So easy and yummy.

Full recipe




S’mores in a Jar


S’mores in a jar are the cure for the winter blues, my dad said. When I miss camping sometimes we make these and sit by the fire place, but really I’d be happy to have them anytime!

Full recipe


Apple Pie Pancake

 Apple Pie

A perfect end to any meal, apple pie warms my belly. My dad said it is his favourite desert in the whole world so I love to make one for him (but usually I need his help). It really is so tasty.

Full recipe


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