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Make Your Own Sketchbook



Sketchbooks can be very expensive! They usually range in price from $15 to $80! That is a lot of money for those of us who use them a lot. What if I said you could make your own sketchbook for under $5! What if I said it was way more awesome than any sketchbook that you could buy – because you can totally change it whenever you want to fit your needs? Read more to find out how!


What you need:
-3 binder rings (bought at dollar store)
-Hard surfaces for front and back covers.  I used two canvas boards I got at the dollar store.  You can also use cardboard or anything hard that will work that you can easily cut holes in.
-Any kind of paper you like!  Scrap paper, cardstock (heavier paper), colored paper, lined paper, magazine pages, whatever you want!  This is what makes this sketchbook special.  You can change up the paper you use for each page, in a normal sketchbook you’re stuck with boring old white.  I bought cardstock paper from Michaels (Michaels has great weekly coupons for up to 40% off for 1 item).  It is a heavier weight paper, which means that it is thicker and holds up better to collage/paint.  Anything over 60 lbs is a good weight for paper.
-Hole punch
-Supplies for however you’d like to decorate your book

Here’s How:
1. Cut holes in the front and back cover.  I used a hole punch on a plain piece of paper, then traced the holes onto the board.  That way I knew the holes would line up with the holes in the paper.
2. Decorate the front and back cover however you like
3. Punch holes in all of the paper.  I also added pages of existing drawings that were not in sketchbooks – this way they are in a safe place and all together.
4. Put a binder ring through each hole and make sure it is closed securelyVoila!  You have your very own personalized sketchbook.

Source: Bri Kettler, Independent Artist & Starburst Program Volunteer


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