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Let's Talk About Loss - Girlville

Let’s Talk About Loss

Omni and Fatima


Have you ever lost someone close to you? When we left Nigeria I lost friends, family and everything that was familiar to me. Last week, a girl that I know here at GYC lost her dad in a car crash. It’s so tough.

Grief is our natural reaction to death and other losses. But grieving doesn’t feel natural because it’s a time when it may be difficult for us to control our emotions, thoughts, or physical feelings. The sense of being out of control that is often a part of grief may overwhelm or frighten us. Grieving is normal and healthy, but it may be an experience that we try to resist and reject. We need to remember that grief is a super important part of us processing loss of people, places or pets that we love.

There is no wrong way to grieve. But there are, “helpful” and “unhelpful” choices and behaviors. Some behaviors are constructive and encourage facing grief, such as talking with trusted friends, journaling, creating art, and expressing emotion rather than holding it inside. Other grief responses are destructive and may cause long-term complications and consequences. For example, some teens attempt to escape their pain through many of the same escape routes adults choose: alcohol and substance abuse, antisocial behaviors, withdrawal from social activities, excessive sleeping, high risk-taking behaviors, and other methods that temporarily numb the pain of their loss. These can be so dangerous and really do little to help heal the hurt in our hearts.

Below is a video of some super brave teens who are grieving here in Calgary and got support from Hospice Calgary – an amazing place where teens coping with the death of a loved one can go for help.

Image Source: HD Wallpapers
Source: Hospice Calgary


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