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Lending a Helping Hand

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If you go to school in Calgary, you might have to do some volunteering as part of your time at school (especially if you are in high school). Usually there are a certain number of hours you have to do over the school year, depending on your age or grade.

But school aside, volunteering can be a lot of fun and it feels good to help other people. There are a lot of ways you can volunteer in the community – you can pick something that is a one time event (like helping with a charity run/walk) or something that is more ongoing – where maybe you help out once a month. Being a volunteer can also be a good way to get some experience that might help you get a part-time job too, when the time is right. It also can help (in some cases) improve your chances of getting into certain college or university programs. It’s a great way to try out different types of activities and tasks too, which might also help you figure

I found a few places online that have great suggestions about where a teen can volunteer. Most places will ask that you have your parents’ permission so it’s good to ask them ahead of time if they are okay with where you want to help out.

Like animals? Think about maybe helping out at the humane society or one of the animal rescue agencies in the Calgary area.

Like people? There are a lot of ways you can volunteer! Seniors centres, recreation programs, and community groups are often looking for people to help with all kinds of activities.

Are you artistic? The arts community has volunteer opportunities for teens interested in everything from theatre to music to visual arts. Even if you aren’t an artist yourself, they could still probably use your help!

Are you interested in health? There are a lot of organizations dedicated to raising awareness and research money to fight and cure diseases. You could help with events or in some cases office type work. You can also volunteer at a local hospital helping with patients!

There are so many areas you can choose! I also thought that it would be fun to volunteer to do something nice for the planet – like a park clean up! Or maybe help with a sports team. Even something simple like helping an elderly neighbour with chores once a week might be nice to do. I’m going to think about what might work best for me and talk it over with my mom.

Here is a list of ideas I’ve already found online – check them out! You can also ask your parents or teachers for ideas!

City of Calgary Youth Volunteering – there are a bunch of different programs, some seasonal, some ongoing for youth 14-17

Calgary Board of Education Volunteering Opportunities list (it lists many programs not connected with the school board)

Inform Alberta Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a commitment – you should pick something that interests you and you feel passionate about! You will meet a lot of great people, learn some new skills and have fun too!



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