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HERstory - A Leadership Conference for Girls - Girlville

HERstory – A Leadership Conference for Girls

HERstory leadership conference

Friday is always a great day, but this week I’m even more excited than usual for the end of the week. This Friday I’ll be attending the first ever HERstory Leadership Conference right here in Calgary!

Why did I choose to spend my day off of school at this conference? Well, first of all, I’m all about girl power and celebrating all of the amazing things that females have accomplished. I’m excited to learn more about the Famous Five – I know they made huge impacts in the lives of women and girls in Alberta, and I really feel like I don’t know enough about them! I’m sure hearing the stories about everything they did will be super inspiring. I know there will be some great guest speakers, too. It’s always awesome to hear about the incredible things girls are accomplishing right here in Calgary.

Also, I’ve been getting more interested in learning about ways I can give back. My mom is really involved with a few local charities, and she always talks about how rewarding it is to feel like she’s making a difference. She’s inspired me to get involved too, but I don’t want to just do the same things that she’s doing. I’m hoping that HERstory will help me figure out how I can make my community a better place in a way that is meaningful to me.

At first I was a little bit nervous signing up for HERstory without a friend to go with me. I’ve heard there will be almost 100 girls there, though, so I think there’s a good chance I’ll meet some cool people. Plus, I always hear that leaders need to be able to step out of their comfort zones! One of the main things that attracted me to the conference was the opportunity to meet and connect with other girls and women. It’s always great to make new friends, and this will be a chance to meet girls that I might not normally have the chance to get to know.

If you’re going to be at HERstory, hopefully I’ll see you there! Unfortunately the conference is sold out, but if you don’t have a ticket and you still want to go make sure you add your name to the waiting list. There’s always a chance more spots will open up!


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