Good Mood Foods




Feeling sad, frustrated or overwhelmed? Did you know that research shows that certain foods can help keep the things that affect our moods – hormones and brain chemicals – balanced, resulting in a sunnier, less-stressed-out state of mind. Here are five delicious choices:

Peppers: These veggies are packed with vitamin C, which can help you feel less stress. Walnuts: A handful a day can boost serotonin – a chemical made by your brain that increases those happy, I-feel-good-about-myself feelings. To get the biggest benefit, go for raw and unpeeled. Chickpeas: Just half a cup of these can help your body make dopamine, another hormone that helps increase happiness. Avocados: This yummy food also gets more of that good mood serotonin flowing through your body. Sunflower seeds: Put some of these yummy seeds on your morning yogurt to help you stay on an even keel.

Image Source: Science Buddies
Source: Shape Magazine


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