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getting help

Get Loud About Getting Help

Omni and Fatima


You may not know this, but there are tons of supportive people right here in the city of Calgary who are smart and caring and are available to help you with your mental health. Here are a few places you or your friends can go when you are looking for help:

Your Doctor. The first step to accessing help often starts by visiting your family doctor. Talking to a doctor as soon as possible about any mental health concern can help clarify support options and determine, or rule out, any physical causes for mental health issues. If you don’t have a regular family doctor, there are other options available for accessing mental health professionals like a walk in clinic or your closest emergency room.

Access Mental Health. These people can help you navigate the sometimes complicated addiction and mental health system. They are familiar with both Alberta Health Services and programs in your community and will explore options and can refer you to the most appropriate option to meet your needs. Access Mental Health is a non-urgent service.  Anyone is invited to call for information and options for addiction and mental health services. They also have a specific line just for youth! Call 403-943-1500 Ext 1 to access support.

Alberta Mental Health Mobile Response Team. This team provides mobile (meaning they come to you!) mental health services, including: crisis intervention, prevention, urgent psychiatric assessments, trauma response, mental health education and professional consultations. Call 403-266-1605. ConnecTeen 24-hr Peer Support Line. This is a program by the Distress Centre offering confidential phone support for teens. Peer support (teen to teen) is available online and over the phone between 5pm – 10pm daily. Outside of those hours, adult volunteers respond to calls. If your question is not urgent, you can send an email and they will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. Call 403-264-TEEN (8336) or Text 587-333-2724 (Monday to Friday 5pm – 10pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm – 10pm) The Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region has lots of great information for individuals and families living with mental illness, a loss by suicide or addiction. They are also working hard to raise awareness about mental health in our communities. A source of evidence-based resources & information for you, your parents, and teachers. Mindyourmind is a space for youth and young adults (14-24) to find support when going through tough times.

Remember, mental health issues are treatable, so asking for help is a critical step towards good mental health. Health-care professionals can work with you to determine the issue and prescribe the best solutions.

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