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drop the drama

Drop the Drama


School work isn’t the only thing that causes stress in my life. Rumours, gossip, relationships and misunderstandings also have a way of creeping into my life each day and end up making me feel worried or anxious. Here are five ways that I have learned to drop the drama:

Ball and Chain

Look for the lightness. Even the most difficult moments can include bits of lightness, peace and humour. Look for the beauty, and also keep an eye out for the irony, the silly, the humour. This creates space and movement that can help us get out of our rigid thinking and into our more resilient nature.

Cut the judgment. When you catch yourself blaming, judging or criticizing a circumstance, stop and take a more neutral approach. Life isn’t all black and white, good and bad. When we get stuck in a rigid mindset we are less able to cope effectively with the moment at hand. Instead, look at what is without judgment.

Seek another perspective. If you are dwelling on all the negative news, stop and take another view. Imagine yourself looking down at the situation from above. Discover another perspective, open to new possibilities. Look for the meaning within the circumstances and you’ll diffuse the stressful story line.

Act with compassion. Go gently, be patient and kind to yourself. When things are difficult, it is easy to add on a layer of self-judgment. Instead, cradle yourself in kindness.

Experience the emotion. The most resilient people tend to be those who experience a range of emotions. Allow yourself to do just that, experience your feelings without judgment. Don’t behave badly from them, just pay attention, become aware and mindful and then get curious. Accepting your feelings is one way to diminish the drama in your life.

Will you use these to help you drop the drama in your life?

Source: Gaiam Life


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