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diy worry stones

DIY Worry Stones

These totally help me feel less worried! When I rub or squeeze mine in my hand, it helps me fight against feelings of anxiety and stress.
Below are step-by-step photo directions to make your own worry stones. 
Step 1: Pull off a small amount of 2-3 colors of clay.
Step 2: Push the clay together to form a ball.
Step 3: Roll and twist the clay in your hand to make a ‘snake’.

Step 4: Either take your ‘snake’ and smoosh it together (yes that is the technical term!) or coil it.

Step 5: Roll it into a ball.
Step 6: Press your thumb into the ball until you have an indentation that you can rub your thumb in.

Once you have made several worry stones you need to bake them at 230 degrees for 30 minutes. I bake them in foil pans so there is absolutely no clean up.

Source: Creative Elementary School Counselor


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