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Creating a Values Collage - Girlville

Creating a Values Collage


Time to get crafty!!!!

I have been collecting magazines for a little while now and I think I am ready to make myself a values collage. Some people call them dream boards or vision boards but I like to call them value collages. This is because it feels more a combination of things I’m hoping to achieve as well as things that are most important to me in my life. I guess you could say it helps me dream, imagine possibilities and celebrate the things I love in life. And it’s a lot of fun!

I have all sorts of magazines from pet ones, to DIY craft ones, the usual fashion magazines and a few travel ones as well. I think they will have pictures I can use that capture “who I am” really well. My main visions (goals, I guess) are to do well in school, spend time with my family, and share and make beautiful things for and with my friends.

I am going to go get started in a minute – I love doing creative things! First though, I thought I’d share some of the inspiration vision boards I found online. Of course mine will look totally different because my goals are unique to me, but it is sure nice to see how creative people can get! When I’m done I’m going to hang it in my room. I might make a mini values collage for my locker at school too. It’s a good reminder to stay on track and work towards my goals and dream about the future.

If you make one I’d love to see it! Email a picture of yours to and I might be able to share it 🙂 or post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag us!

Happy crafting!



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