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Coping Skills Tool Box - More Ideas - Girlville

Coping Skills Tool Box – More Ideas

Girlville Coping Skills

Hello everyone! Our first set of tips for coping with stress were pretty popular so we wanted to share some more! I hope you find them helpful!

Focus on your strengths

Spend some time thinking about what you are good at and really like to do, and find more ways to do those things. If you’re good at math, maybe you can tutor a younger student or friend. If you are a spiritual person, maybe you can volunteer at your place of worship. If you are creative or artistic, try developing your hobby by taking a class, or practicing, or exploring other creative outlets like music, drawing, colouring, knitting, or painting. Sky probably has some great ideas! Focusing on your strengths like this will not only make sure you spend more time doing things you like, but developing your skills, and maybe even helping someone else!

Take part in physical activities

Sports - get active

Exercise is important for a healthy body, but a healthy mind too. It helps relieve tension, clear your mind, and improves your emotions, since it relieves happiness chemicals. Exercise can mean taking part in a time sport (Like Zoe) – where you can also meet new people and spend time with your friends- but it can also mean bowling, walking the dog, kayaking, yoga, or dancing! Find an activity that you like to do.

Try your hand at writing

Write about your emotions or what is making you feel stressed out. This can be in a poem, a letter, or in a journal or diary every night. Sometimes it just helps to get it down on paper, and really think about your feelings. Or just get creative; let your emotions come out in beautiful stories and tall tales.

Talk to someone

Find someone you can talk to about what you are going through, and get some advice if you need it. This can be a trusted friend or adult, a counsellor, a youth hotline, or someone like me- a youth counsellor at a local youth or community centre.

Be positive

Be positive

It helps to try and be positive, but it can also help to think positive about yourself. Sometimes it’s easy to think negative thoughts about yourself. Try and turn those into positives, and decrease negative self-talk (and negative talk about others). Try a positive mantra every day. It could be something like ‘I am smart. I am beautiful. I matter. I will do my best.’ This may feel silly at first, but it will help you think positive and have confidence in yourself.

You can find more affirmations here:

We’ll be sharing some more tips very soon in the third and final part of the Coping Skills Toolbox series![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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