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Community Gardens in Calgary - Girlville

Community Gardens in Calgary

I love to garden. Gardening is something I was taught early by my mom and dad, and it’s something that my dad and I have found gives us a lot of comfort since my mom died a few years ago. I like the way the dirt feels in my hands and all the different fruits, vegetables and flowering plants I can grow. It has given me more of an appreciation of where our food comes from too.  And flowers – well they just make me happy!

In Calgary, I’ve noticed many people have gardens in their yards like we do. I wondered though – what happens if people want to garden but live in an apartment or a house with a yard that might not be good for growing things? I asked my dad about that and he told me about community gardens.

Community gardens are plots of land owned by the city or a private group (like your community association or maybe a school). The land is divided up into sections where people can come and make their own gardens over the growing season. I looked online and was amazed to see how many different community gardens there are!

Community Gardens in Calgary

Community gardens are especially great for growing things to eat because they are put in areas that get a lot of sun. We have a short growing season here so that is really important. But fruits, herbs and veggies aren’t the only things found in community gardens. Many have flowers too which are quite beautiful.

My dad says that our community garden improves the neighborhood because it gets people working together. They are also a great place to learn tips and tricks for gardening if you haven’t had a lot of practice. He said they’ve been around for a long time – as early as the 1930’s for Calgary – wow!

Many community associations run their own gardens so you can check with yours to see if they have space available or even just need some help this summer! If you are like me, you see that gardening is both relaxing and satisfying. It’s a good way to get outside and learn about different plants and what makes them grow best. And in the end, if you grow fruits, herbs or veggies – you get to eat them as well! Yum!



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