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Common Sense Media remains a standout in the world of children’s media. If you have not discovered it, you should. It offers high quality reviews and advice about children’s media and has probably the most extensive list you could imagine. Books, games, movies, TV, apps and more, this non-for-profit has professional and parent reviewers who provide guidance not just on the content, but on the learning and the values contained within the children’s media items they are reviewing. Combine that with a rating and comment section from readers (which often includes children’s own reviews and perspectives) and you have a strong and sound resource that can be relied upon and used across the globe to make good decisions about your child’s media consumption.

What more could you want?

Maybe all that information available on your iPhone or iPad – and now you can have it. Common Sense Media has packaged all its content up in an app, and organized it in a range of ways that makes it a great tool for parents and educators alike. There are functions like Top Picks, which offers the latest reviews and recommendations by age groups and categories. It offers the ability to watch trailers and videos of top releases, while still providing access to the quality content and community engagement that makes Common Sense Media a leader in its field.

You can download it for free from iTunes. A fantastic resource and well worth it.

Image Source: Common Sense Media


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