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How to Choose a New Sport - Girlville

How to Choose a New Sport

Choosing a Sport Girlville

I’ve always liked sports – it’s been something that has been important to my family for as long as I can remember. When I was really little I tried a lot of different activities, like soccer, t-ball and gymnastics. I’ve played volleyball the last couple of years for my school. I was thinking I might like to try something different next year, either with school or in an outside league. I probably will still play volleyball as well but I need to think about what my options are.

There is a lot to consider. If I keep playing volleyball there is a chance I could get a scholarship or student award to help pay for university. And I really do love it and want to keep playing. But I’d also like to try something new to give myself more of a challenge. Lots of athletes play more than one sport competitively. I do worry though that I might not have enough time to balance more sports with school and other things like being a youth mentor.

I was thinking about trying soccer again in a league outside of school. Other than gym class, it’s been a long time since I’ve played, so it would definitely be something new to try and it’s pretty different from volleyball (a lot more running!). None of my friends play soccer though so it would take away from time I get to spend with them. I would make new friends on the team, maybe kids from other schools and neighbourhoods which would be cool.

I also thought about trying hockey. I can skate, but I’ve mostly just done that at community centres in the winter during the public skating times. There is also a lot more equipment involved for hockey so it would cost more to join and get started. The game and practice times can sometimes be pretty early too so I’d need to be committed to getting up early even when I’m tired. The good thing about hockey is that it wouldn’t really interfere with volleyball season, so I could definitely do both!

My other thought was that I could try something like cross-country running – we have so many great trails in Calgary and nearby closer to the mountains. A lot of people I know enjoy running – I’m not sure it’s for me though because I think I prefer doing sports that involve being on a team. Wow – so many options for sports!

I need to think about what interests me the most, what I’m good at, time, equipment, money and of course what my parents are okay with. I’m excited about the idea of trying new things, and I think doing multiple sports will help me improve my skills in volleyball too. Plus it’s good to be active and healthy! And like my sister told me, if I try something new and don’t like it after a season, I can always try something else later.

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