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braided t-shirt bracelet

Braided T-Shirt Bracelet


This was a super quick project that I whipped up the other morning. It’s so easy to do that I’d recommend making, oh, about 153 of them!

First, go and grab an old knit shirt of some kind. I had already cut the sleeves off of mine for something else.

I cut 4 strips that were an inch wide and 8 inches long. I measured my wrist to be 6 inches around then added a couple inches that I thought I would lose in the braiding process. After you cut them, pull the ends to stretch them out. I should mention that this won’t work very well unless you cut your fabric the right way, so tug and pull on your shirt beforehand to figure out which way to cut.
 Since I’m all about doing things the easy way, I just hot glued the strips together at the end
Use a binder clip {or whatever clip you want} and clip to a book and start braiding!
When you are done, hot glue the other ends together
Fold together and , yeppers, you guessed it…hot glue the 2 ends together
 Cut another strip about 2.5 inches wide and 4 or so inches long, then fold over the sides to make a tube
 Glue on the inside of the bracelet when your ends meet, wrap it around and glue to finish!
 And voila! A super cute, super comfy, super quick bracelet for summer!
Now go cut up all your old knits and get to braidin’!
Source: Haute to Sew


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