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confidential help for teens

Confidential Help for Teens

Omni and Fatima


Have you heard of ConnecTeen?

It is an awesome confidential peer support service for youth in the Calgary area. Some things can be really difficult to open up about, so sometimes it helps to talk to someone who knows exactly where you’re coming from. They can connect you with a peer (someone your own age!) who understands your unique perspective and can help talk though your problems. They don’t talk, they listen. Their service is confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental.

So talk on your terms. If you need a caring voice, connect with them. If you’re worried about someone overhearing you, or it’s too hard to say out loud, you can write it down in chat, email or text. There are four ways to get in touch:

Phone: 403.264.TEEN (8336). Phone is the fastest way to get in touch with them. It is answered 24 hours a day, but peer support is available from 5pm – 10pm. Outside of those hours, adult volunteers will respond to calls.

Chat: Every day, from 5pm – 10pm you can chat online. The sign in for chat is found on their home page. The current status will tell you when the next available chat session is. They can only respond to one chat at a time, so if another chat is underway, please be patient and they will be with you as soon as possible. Users of mobile devices (smartphone/tablets) please note: They often have difficulty with messages getting through when chatting with users on these devices. For a more stable connection, please use a computer.

Text: 587.333.2724 Every day, from 5pm – 10pm they also provide support through SMS (Short Messaging Service), otherwise known as texting. If you feel more comfortable typing than talking, then you can get in touch with them this way.

Email: is another way you can connect. Emails will receive a response within 24-48 hours, so this is best when the question is not urgent and no one is in danger.

This is also a great place to refer your friends if you feel like they are going through something really tough.

So don’t be afraid to ask for help – this is a great place to get it.



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