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App of the Month: Balanced


September is also an awesome time to set goals. Kind of like New Year’s, the beginning of the school year always brings out my inner goal-setter. From committing to read all those books in English class to promising myself that I will learn calligraphy, I love to set goals as the school year starts. So I wanted to tell you about this awesome app that I have been using that can not only help you set goals in all different areas of your life, but also encourages you along the way!

As much as I hate to admit it, I been totally caught up with Instagram lately. I have started feeling like I don’t have time for the little things that bring me joy. That time is being taking up my friend’s vacation photos and cute puppy videos (totally adorable, but I only need to see so many). So I’ve been using Balanced to help me add some things back into my life that I have been missing. In the last few weeks, I have set myself reminders for things like: take a great photo, drink a glass of water, discover new music and leave comfort zone. And guess what? I have actually done them! Here are the four things that I have come to love about this app:

1. The list is things I love. I am the one who made the list and can change it anytime, so it is filled with awesome stuff I actually want to do! If I want to add “eat more ice cream” to the list – I totally can. Also, I can decide how often I want to be reminded to do something. Whether its a couple times a day or only once a year, the app reminds me of my goals only as often as I want to be reminded.

2. The reminders are kind and encouraging. Instead of telling you what to do, most reminders are in the form of questions, such as “Have you rewarded yourself today?” At the start of the day, Balanced will suggest things you might want to do soon. In the evening, the app will let you know if there is something you have been doing particularly well, because they always want you to finish your day on a high note.

3. Easy to use & cool looking. The app is so easy to use and has tons of cheerful icons to choose from for each of the things on your list. You can always update your activities and when you finish them they don’t disappear, they simply slide to the bottom of your list so you can keep track of all the awesome things you have done. I don’t know about you but when something is not only easy to use but looks cool it makes me want to use it that much more! Using Balanced is like having a little person in my phone that acknowledges what I’m doing – a little record, witnessing and encouraging. It adds a sense of achievement to the things I love, and improves my life in a subtle but substantial way. I love it, maybe you will too? Why not try it out today?


Source: Balanced


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