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6 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Calgary - Girlville

6 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Calgary


Rex and I LOVE to check out new off-leash parks all the time around the city, since there are over 150 to choose from. We also have our favourites. There are 6 in particular that we just can’t get enough of and love to visit as often as possible.


Bowmont Park

Bowmont Park Map

Bowmont might be one of the prettiest parks in the city. It is known as a hiking destination so there are quite a few on-leash areas that you can explore and really take in the beauty of Calgary. However, their off-leash area is pretty big too and some of Rex’s best friends go there every day. I love that there are so many different landscapes all in one place.


Nose Hill Park

Nose Hill Park Map

Sometimes Rex and I go to Nose Hill Park when we feel like going on an adventure. There are so many paths and different routes – you could walk for days! My mom and I try to take a new path every time. I think we have been there 10 times and have never taken the same exact route. But, if you want just a quick 30 minute walk you can follow the main loop (park at the lot off of Shaganappi Trail) and say hi to many other dog owners.


Edworthy Park

Edworthy Park Map

Edworthy Park has a few different parking lots and many, many more paths. It is great because there is no real path and most people just wander through the brush and all over the main area. I play a game where I try to follow Rex wherever he goes, but that can get hard in the wooded area when he is running around corners and ducking under branches.


Sue Higgins Park

Sue Higgins Park

This park is a good one if Rex and I are visiting friends in the south side of the city. I like it because it has a fence all the way around it so that if Rex sees a squirrel he can’t run onto the road (especially because it is right next to Deerfoot!).


River Park/Sandy Beach river park

River Park Map

River Park is great because it has a long stretch of off-leash park area on top of the hill, and it also has an on-leash area down the hill at Sandy Beach. Rex and I like to start at one end, walk all the way down to the other end where the stairs are, and cross over the bridge at the bottom. Then there is a neat little dirt walking path that brings you down to the stony beach area where Rex can swim! Sometimes he barks at the people rafting, but he is a good boy and stops when I call him back.



Weaselhead Park (Not off-leash)

Weaselhead Park Map

Ok, ok… Weaselhead Park is not an off-leash park, but it is still one of my favourite places to take Rex. There are green spaces, picnic areas, and beautiful pathways, and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the reservoir! If you are up for a really long walk on a beautiful summer day you can park at Weaselhead and then walk all the way around the reservoir on the path – but make sure you bring lots of food and water for both you and your furry best friend!


For a list of the full 150 off-leash parks in Calgary see the City of Calgary website.


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