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tips for earth day

5 Tips for Earth Day




Happy Earth Day everyone! Here are five great ideas of how you can help take care of our planet today:

1. Host an eco-swap. What better way to get rid of your old stuff than to give it to friends who will find another use for it? Gather up your friends and neighbors for a good old community swap where everybody brings a bag or two of stuff (clothes, toys, you name it,) and then goes home with a bag or two of newish items in exchange.

2. Be mindful of plastic. Use refillable containers for water, coffee, and other beverages. Say no to soda! Stop drinking bottled water. Plastic leaches into water and pollutes the Earth. Plastic needs about 450 years just to start decomposing. Then, it takes another 50 to 80 years to decompose completely.

3. Enjoy nature. Simply spending some time outside today and breathing in some fresh air is a great way to remind yourself of the beauty in our world. Often people also plant trees around Earth Day. Help beautify your community and increase Calgary’s urban forest by planting a tree in your community. Find out more information about how to do it here.

4. Pick up trash. Spring is finally here! And with the melting of the snow tons of treasures have revealed themselves along our streets, parks and lawns. So grab a couple of friends, some gloves and garbage bags and let your neighbours know that you care about the planet by picking up what you see.

5. Attend an event. There are several events being hosted around the city today in celebration of Earth Day. Find them here and enjoy time with others in your community who want to take care of planet Earth!

Image Source: University of California Santa Barbara
Source: Honest Colony


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