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finding kind

Finding Kind

Omni and Fatima


Yesterday at GYC we started talking about kindness. Are we, as girls, kind to each other? Why or why not? I think we are well aware of the fact that females can be outright cruel to each other. Some of have even been really hurt by it. That’s when someone brought up this documentary – it explores this very issue.

Lauren and her best friend Molly combine their experiences and passion to uncover what is really going on within the “Girl World,” the two girls learn about themselves, females, the truth behind this issue, and the American cultures influence. The two girls packed their bags and traveled across America in a mini-van with their mothers to interview hundreds of females around the country. The journey is packed with hysterical moments as the four girls attempt to conquer the road and everything America has to offer. While there are plenty of fun moments, their emotional roller-coaster around the country reveals raw and personal stories from girls that will shock you to your core. With the goal of establishing a national school program for girls around the country, Lauren and Molly hope to put an end to the hate and find kind. Watch the trailer below.

What will you do to find kind?

Source: Finding Kind


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