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canine comfort

Canine Comfort


Have you heard about Hawk? He is so amazing! Hawk is a three-year-old black Labrador Retriever who joined the Calgary Police Service as a Trauma Dog. His duties include supporting the Victim Assistance Unit in working with witnesses and victims of crime and trauma, especially those who are young like us!

You can just imagine that his comforting presence would makes him an excellent support to those who have had traumatic experiences. Hawk has already provided support to victims of various ages, including youth, helping to calm and encourage them to open up to investigators who are working on their cases.


Hawk was raised, trained and provided to CPS by the Pacific Assistance Dog Society (PADS). He is only the third trauma dog of his kind in all of Canada.

PADS is a non-profit organization which raises, trains and provides assistance dogs for people living with disabilities across Western Canada. PADS Canine Assistance Intervention Program (CAI Dogs) work with professional handlers in a variety of settings including children’s hospitals and hospices, educational facilities, seniors homes and victims services. PADS Calgary was launched in 1999, and today local staff oversee a volunteer puppy raising and training program, which currently has 21 puppies in various stages of training in Calgary.

Dogs are so incredible! I know Rex has definitely been an important part of my life and has helped me to get through a lot of hard times. I am so glad that the Calgary Police have Hawk!

Image Source: Court House Dogs
Source: The City of Calgary


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