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10 Things I Wish People Understood About Eating Disorders

10 Things I Wish People Understood About Eating Disorders


What do you know about eating disorders? Are they all the same? Is there more than one type?

Sometimes the media, TV shows and the news can oversimplify eating disorders. They are actually pretty complicated and no two people’s experiences are the same.  This can be bad because it can lead us to believe that if what is happening to ourselves or our friends is different than what we see on TV, there might not actually be a problem even though there is.  And that can be dangerous.

What are some things more people need to understand about eating disorders? Check out this great video a lady named Melissa made that talks about 10 things she wishes people knew. I know I learned a few things!


What do you think? Is there anything you would add?

Source: Melissa A. Fabello



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